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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let’s ring in the New Year baby!

This past year has been a blast. Business has been great and I have met some seriously amazing people. I know 2012 will be just as incredible, strike that, it’ll be better. With so much fun stuff on the horizon I’m feeling ridiculously excited about the coming year.   
2012 is a year for me to have some fun and explore new ideas with my work too. I’ve got a 12 in 12 plan. What’s that? One of my goals for 2012 is to do 12 themed sessions in 12 months all revolving around themes I want in my portfolio or things that I just love to shoot.  This is in addition to the classic sets you all know and love. Along with the 12 in 12 I’ll be offering Album sessions, calendar sessions and whole line up of hot new products that you are going to want for yourself. I’ve got so many new things in the works that it’s well worth checking back often just to see what I’m up to.
Since January out to be national boudoir month (in my opinion anyhow) and our boudoir albums are on the top of every guys list for sexiest gifts you can give, I introduce part 1 of my 12 in 12. January is Noir Boudoir month. This session features all the intensity of classic Hollywood Film Noir and a seductive blend of Modern Boudoir and is sure to please your Valentine. Stroll on in for a full hour photo session complete with 2 outfit changes. You can add hair and makeup styling to your session to complete the look. This set utilizes our classic boudoir set with some old Hollywood touches. This Valentine’s Day indulge in a Noir Boudoir session and give a gift that will really leave him wanting more.   

Want to do a classic pin up session instead?  you can use either the Domestic Diva set or the Malt Shop. Additional sets may be added for an additional fee.
ginger@422studio.com or call 804-833-0888

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holy holiday craziness batman

As I'm wrapping up the season (literally and figuratively) I realize I've been seriously neglectful of the blog. Sorry! New pictures will be up after the holidays. I'd hate to spoil someone's super sexy gift by releasing pictures before they've been seen by the intended audience. This holiday season has been fantastic and I just want to thank all of my clients, so Thank You!!. Gentlemen if you've been following me thinking I'd LOVE to have pictures of my lovely lady done by 422 Studio then don't I have the perfect gift for you to give. Gift certificates to 422 Studio are available in any dollar amount. They are the perfect way to tell her, "I think you are sexy, beautiful, amazing and I want to treat you to something  you'll love and you deserve so much". I hear at every session how much fun my sessions are and how good these ladies feel once they have done one. The special woman in your life wants to feel that good too. ginger@422studio.com to get yours today.

Also, hot off the press is our latest publication so be sure to check it out. It would make a fantastic stocking stuffer. It's the 2012 Pinup Perfection pocket calendar. Ms January is ours featuring Aje Lew. Available on Magcloud.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We're published!

This has been a whirl wind week. I had the chance to work with the wonderful team at Bombshell Salon in Richmond, VA. We did our first themed Pin Up session together and it was great fun. What a fantastic group of ladies to work with.

This month you can get your hands on the latest publication 422 Studio is in. The Cat's Meow magazine November issue. Be sure to grab your copy so you can see the lovely Nichole Moore photographed by 422 Studio. Find it here!

And of course here is little miss eye candy herself Nichole Moore,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Because I love my clients

I'm offering a first for 422 Studio.

I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful, brilliant, outstanding, women in the last 12 months. Actually throughout the whole operation of my business I've been blessed with amazing clients. Year after year I see more beautiful people (and I'm not just talking pretty faces here). So as a thank you to my clients who've come to see me in the last 12 months I'd like to offer you a special HALF OFF reprints. That's right! If you've done a session with me in the last 12 months you are eligible to receive half off any reprint order.

What qualifies as a reprint? Any previously ordered image can qualify. For example you may have ordered a 5x7 print from a boudoir session and your husband has been begging for you to order it as an 11x17 print so he can adore you in a greater form. Perhaps you ordered an album but didn't order any of the images from it as prints and now you'd really like to add a couple of them as 8x10's.

Well this is your chance to do just that and save half off of my regular print prices. All you have to do is call or email me and I'll get the information from you that I need to do your reprint order.

If you did your session more than 12 months ago check with me to see if I still have the images in storage.

The fine print:
This does not apply to previously unedited images (contact me if you have questions about those).
It also does not apply to Canvas' and Mounted Wall Art however you can still save 30% on those though.
Special rate applies to my current pricing.
5% VA sales tax will be added to all orders.
Sale ends November 30 2011.

And now for the eye candy because no blog about Pinup photos is complete without a picture.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you love lipstick

and let's be honest who doesn't, then you'll really want to read this post. A while back I went to get my hair cut by the fabulous Jennifer Mantura. She has been cutting my lovely locks for the better part of 2 years now (perhaps longer my memory is not so good) anyhoo she had just gotten samples of some incredibly color rich lip sticks from Cosmetic Psychiatry. After she finished my new hairdo she popped one on my lips and wowed me with the formula. Right then I knew I wanted to help the creator of this fantastic lipstick in the best way I knew how. I'd use my big chatty mouth to talk it up and I'd showcase the lip colors in a photo session so you all could see it too. Jennifer and I teamed up and this is the result. Beautiful ladies in these fantastic colors. But there's more! I'm also going to tell you how you can help Robert, the creator of Cosmetic Psychiatry, make his dream a reality. See he has this Kickstarter account set up to raise money to cover the start up costs. What is Kickstarter? It's this amazing place where artists and creative minds can set up accounts to gather the funds and donations to make their dreams a reality.Here are just a few samples of Roberts amazing lip colors.

 From Robert's Kickstarter page:
"Cosmetic Psychiatry is a line of artisanal lipsticks celebrating creative self-expression and the power of color to affect the way we feel. It's mission is to fill the color gaps in  the lipstick market, produce pigment-rich formulas with great wearability and provide superior personal service, all at a reasonable price. My aim is to not only push the boundaries of the color palette currently available in lipstick, but the boundaries of personal expression and fashion as it applies to lip color."

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where did the summer go?

Between friends and family coming to visit and a short list of natural disasters I'll be honest, blogging this summer has been the last thing on my mind. We weathered Irene and are now back to full power and internet. The kids return to school next week and then the coveted routine sets in. It's kinda funny how I would have never considered myself a "routine" favoring gal but now with 4 kids, hubby and business I crave routine. So after labor day I'll be catching up on the blogs and loading up some new pictures to the website. Stay tuned!

Oh I'll also be announcing a fabulous new project with Bombshell Salon in RVA. Mark Nov. 5th on your calendar you won't want to miss it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

422 Studio presents the Malt Shop

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE ice cream. I love ice cream shops, soda shops and old diners. Always have! When it came time to build a new permanent set I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It was just a matter of collecting pieces and designing the right space in the studio. I knew what colors I wanted and had a clear vision of how I wanted the space to feel. When I found the perfect bar stools about 5 months ago I began rapidly collecting other bits and pieces for the design. I met model Nichole Moore a couple of months ago when we were working on a project for a publication that will be out in November. She was really excited to come test out the new set for me. I did her hair and makeup and the dress she is wearing is one of the studio's dresses that I found on a vintage clothing shopping trip (sorry I can't remember which on it was at) So without further adieu I bring you the 422 Studio "Malt Shop" set.

 To kick off this set I am offering a special 
mini session for just $100
Restrictions apply so be sure to read them before you book your date.  

Mini session info:
* Available to the first 10 people to book
* Offer valid August 22- September 16
* Not Valid weekends or Labor Day. 
* Offer valid with Malt Shop set only.
* Price does not include prints or 5% VA sales tax.

Add on Specials
* add the Domestic Diva set  for just $50. (this also gives you 1 additional outfit and 15 minutes more shooting time)
*add hair and makeup styling at the time of booking and save $30 (regularly 100 you'll get it for 70)
* preorder an album at the time of booking and save $51 off your album (regularly 450 you'll get it for 399)

To reserve your your date email or call me
ginger@422studio.com 804-833-0888.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fab Friday Fashion

Summer is a tricky time for me to blog. I've got family and friends coming and going and I'm squeezing in a bit of travel here and there myself so the blogs will be less frequent.

This week I'm going to focus on outfits that would be perfect for our new permanent set. What's a permanent set you ask? It's one of the fantastic beauty sets that 422 Studio offers year round. As of right now we have 2, the Modern Boudoir set and the Domestic Diva set. Each set has it's own unique features and styling. I am launching the new set next week.

The Modern Boudoir set is a set designed to look like a bedroom. It's for my clients who would like to have classy, sexy pictures made with a more modern feel to them. The end result is similar to these.
Modern Boudoir is a fabulous way to give your special someone a completely unforgettable gift. The clothing selections are easy to find and you probably already own something that would be ideal.

The other permanent set that I currently offer is the Domestic Diva set. This is the retro styled kitchen. Previously it looked like this.
And after it's recent facelift it looks like this:
The Domestic Diva set is the perfect set for a bridal pinup session, grooms gift, anniversary gift, birthday present or just because you want to show off how hot your domestic goddess skills are. This set is flexible enough for a multitude of retro style dresses and even lingerie. It's as sweet or as hot as you want to make it.

Now lets get down to the new set. First off I am so excited about this set. It is the biggest of the permanent sets. I'm not going to tell you what it is today (that's Monday so come back!). I am going to get you guessing by leaving you with the fashion finds that I think would bring all the boys to the yard . These sexy little costumes are sure to make you all scream. Pair one of these with bobby socks and high heeled Mary Janes and you've got a sweet treat for the new set.

Can you guess what the new set is? Pictures coming to the blog on Monday so be sure to check back to see the new set.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fab Friday Fashion

This week's Fab Friday Fashion is actually going to focus on beauty tips. Lets be honest you can have found the best outfit in the world to wear to your session but in order to have the total package you need to do certain things to prepare for your big day. I doesn't matter if you are preparing for your wedding, pinup, boudoir or even family session. There are things you can do to make the most of your session.

First of all consider hiring a makeup artist and or hair stylist for your session. They are the pro's! You are investing in quality photography services for your big day and they will help you look polished and ready. Lucky for you I offer it all and know some of the best ladies in the area who offer MUAH.

Whether you go with a pro or not there are some basic things you'll want to do to prepare. I've been sending a prep list to my clients for years and today I'll share some of those tips with you.

Let the list begin!

Sleep! It's not just for babies it's for beauties too. For the week of your session try to rest up and get that solid beauty sleep in each night.

Water! Yes I know it doesn't taste like anything ( I have to force myself to drink it every day). Hydrated skin is happy skin. Drinking your 6-8 glasses helps flush toxins from your body (and skin) and helps to lessen water retention and puffiness.

Skin care! Your skin is your largest organ. Take good care of it. If you aren't on a quality skin care program your skin will show it. Your skin care program should include some sort of exfoliating component (like a mask) as well. You should use it religiously in the weeks leading up to your session. Also don't forget to tend to those dry patches on elbows and knees and keep that body moisturized too.

Nails and Toes! Treat yourself to a mani/pedi the day before your session if possible. If you're not able to do that then be sure to tend to them so they look neat and clean and chip free. In general  you want to stick with a color that is going to compliment your outfit(s). Hyper bright colors will draw attention away from your face so I suggest avoiding them. Don't wear polish? Then at least make sure they (feet too) are clean, filed and possibly throw on a clear coat.

Teeth! In this day of coffee and soda consumption we are hard on our teeth. Consider using white strips or a similar product in the weeks before your session. Most OTC products will do the trick just fine. I hope, for your health, that you aren't smoking but if you do, pay extra special attention to your front teeth. Cigarettes cause a lot of staining that can show more in your pictures. One tip about teeth whitening. To avoid "chic-let" teeth you should not lighten your teeth to any shade that is whiter than the whites of your eyes. It can look unnatural in your photo's.

Waxing! Face and body hair should be taken car of at least 2 days before your session to avoid redness or swelling from the hair removal process. Also digital cameras pick up everything so something that looks like peach fuzz in real life can seem more pronounced in pictures so keep that in mind when deciding what/where to do your hair removal. 

Hair! Many photographers (myself included) do not touch up your hair in post production. Your stylist should be on your list of people to visit the week of your session so that you can have your color looking as fresh as possible.

PMA!! Positive Mental Attitude is the MOST important part of your preparation. Every time you walk by a mirror tell yourself (at least) one POSITIVE thing about your look, body, face, style etc. When you feel confident it shows.

I hope these tips help you prepare for your big day.

And what's a photography blog without a photo. This is one of my all time favorite makeup looks that I've had the chance to do.
Miss Tiffany as The Mad Hatter. This was from our Alice in Wonderland High Concept session last year.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pinup Photograpy

I'm sorry I wasn't able to update last week. It's been busy around here.

I have had the chance to work with Ashley a couple of times. She contacted me recently and wanted to do a session for her birthday and to celebrate reaching a weight loss goal. Both of which are excellent reasons to treat yourself to a pinup session. She is looking fantastic, I mean look at those legs! She looked great before and now she is looking even healthier and more toned than before. Congrats Ashley! She elected to do a beach theme. This vintage swimsuit fit like it was made just for her. I'm glad I got a chance to work with her again.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fab Friday Fashion

This week I'm in the mood to see some girly classic looks. I've paired up two outfits that would be perfect for a summery pinup photo session. Details below! 

NONE OF THESE PHOTO'S ARE BY 422 STUDIO all photo's in this collage are @ their original photographers.

Outfit details:
Pink floral outfit
Floral Summer dress from Stop Starring $150
Pink Peep toe shoe with flower detail from Snaz 75 $35.99
Pink and grey floral headband on Etsy from 5 Letter Design $27

Red and white polka dot outfit
Red and white polka dot also from  Stop Starring on sale $99
Red ankle strap peep toe from Starlets and Harlots $29.95
Red hair flower on Etsy by Bellababy Studio $12

Contact me today to set up your Pinup Photo Session. I am located in the Richmond, Virginia area. ginger@422studio.com or call 804-833-0888 www.422studio.com for more samples of my work.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Richmond Burlesque Beauty Indy Go-Go!

One perk of my Pinup Photography work is that I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few of the lovely ladies active in the Richmond, Virginia Burlesque scene. This past month Indy Gogo came in to see me. Here are some of the images from her set. Love the fan shots!!! You can see her perform next at the Bouncing Betties show. BBB FB event page for the info.

Be sure to check her fanpage on Facebook Indy Go-Go.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fab Friday Fashion Finds

One of the most commonly asked questions I get about pinup sessions is "What should I wear". Today I'm going to give you one of my favorite pinup fashion finds. Since the weather has been just glorious this week lets focus on retro swimwear. Retro swimwear is a perfect addition to your pinup photo session. Not to mention it's hugely popular right now so you'll be able to get real poolside use out of it too. Bonus! It's sexy and sassy and a great way to show off what you've got without giving away the store. It's flattering for so many body types too.

Your first stop may be to hit the local vintage clothing store to see if they carry reproduction swimwear. That's right! Reproduction pieces have curve hugging spandex that many vintage suits do not. Plus having the chance to try the pieces on first hand will help you take the guess work out of what suit style is best for your body type. We Richmonders are fortunate to have Bygones Vintage in our back yards. They carry a great line of reproduction swimwear and also have a very nice collection of quality vintage suits and play suits. You can also check out Halcyon Vintage in the fan for actual vintage suits. Plus lucky for us many mall retailers are carrying vintage lines this year so happy shopping and I can't wait to see what you find.

 PS the fab summer hat on Nicole is from Bygones.

If your looking online your options are varied. Here are a handful of links to help you find the cutest suits out there. Some are actual vintage pieces others are reproductions. There are many, many more online retailers but this is a good start.
Mod Cloth
Pinup Girl Clothing 
Unique Vintage
Glamor Surf
Esther Williams

Being published in Pinup America Magazine

Pinup America Contest

This image I did of lovely, local, burlesque beauty Skye Sinclaire will be published in an upcoming issue of Pinup America Magazine.  http://www.pinupamerica.com/#!__pinup-america-magazine

I'll post an update when it's available for purchase or you can subscribe and be sure to get it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Richmond, Virginia Pinup for a cause

This year 422 Studio, the best place in Richmond to get your pinup photo's done, is teaming up with A Night of Honky Tonk Angels 2 to raise money for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation.   
We'll be on hand doing souvenir photo's featuring YOU with Nurse Bettie Selfcheck (local burlesque performer Skye Sinclaire) in front of this sweet vintage ambulance. This is the second year of this event and it's lining up to be a fantastic night. 

From the event page:
A Night of Honky Tonk Angels featuring Female Fronted & All Female Honky Tonk, Roots & Rockabilly Bands

Doors open at 6 pm!

Scheduled to appear:

The Lonely Teardrops (Richmond)
Gina Dalmas and the Cow-Tipping Playboys (Norfolk)
Kelley & The Cowboys (Mt. Airy, NC)
Cesca  (Richmond)

Crazy Rocket Fuel (Milwaukee, WI)
Concert Tickets ONLY $10 with 100% of proceeds going to VBCF!

Raffle Prizes and Vendors: 

LifeCare Medical Transports |   Joe Smith Early Ford & Hot Rod |   Taboo 

422 Studio  |  River City Rollergirls  |  The Richmond Institute of Burlesque

Buy your tickets today!!!